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In 2014, I pitched an idea for a documentary and had it commissioned by The Aljazeera English Channel as part of the channels ‘Correspondent’ series. Entitled ‘Metropolis: A Time Lapse Perspective’, the documentary is a creative exploration of architecture and human relationships with modern cities shown through my eyes as a time lapse filmmaker, and via interviews with architect Sir Terry Farrell, Professor David Harvey, and architect Daniel Libeskind. I also talk with journalists who are actively involved in the debate, in Detroit, USA. On this project, I had the pleasure of working with Exec Producer Farid Barsoum, Producer Damian Clarke and cameraman Ben Emery.

You can watch it here on my site in the portfolio section – I hope you enjoy it!

If the film is not available in your country, you may need to use a free piece of software called a VPN. Personally, I use Tunnelbear.

Here are a few still frames from the documentary (all images below copyright Aljazeera Network):

Time Lapse on Brooklyn Bridge

Shooting Time Lapse on Brooklyn Bridge


Scouting for a shot Time Square, NYC


Looking out at The Shard, London

Sir Terry

Interviewing Sir Terry Farrell, London


That’s the shot! Times Square, NYC


Detroit, Michigan, USA


Understanding Qatari architecture

It was a great feeling being both behind and in front of the camera, with Damian and Ben helping me along the way. They were truly fantastic to work with.

Recording the voice over for the documentary was also great fun, especially seeing the edit progress as we began to replace the ‘scratch’ VO I had laid earlier via iPhone.

I also work as a workflow consultant for the broadcast and post production arena, with a specialism in broadcast, post production and workflow integration.


My work
photography, time-lapse

All of the time lapse films on my site (or linked to via my site) are copyright protected. Some of the time lapse work is for sale in 4K+ resolution, and in any codec or wrapper. Please get in touch for licensing enquiries at richard@richardbentleyfilms.com thank you!

Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse for me is not just a profession, it is a passion, a way of looking at the world.

I undertand, very well, codecs, wrappers, frame rate and raster dimensions, so whether you need ‘4K Cineform’ or ‘1920×1080 ProRes 444′ time lapses I can help.

I try and keep up occasional posts on 500PX, where I recently had an ‘Editor’s Choice’ for a frame from my ‘Atomium’ timelapse.

Time Lapse Films



Washington, D.C. 2015

Washington, D.C, Time Lapse 2015

New York & Detroit Time lapse

New York & Detroit Time lapse

Metropolis: A Time Lapse Perspective

Metropolis A Time Lapse Perspective

Qatar Time lapse

Qatar Time lapse

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Piano | Forte

London Shard

Dubai III Time Lapse

Dubai III Time Lapse

Not any Colour Dubai time lapse

Not any Colour Dubai time lapse

New York Time Lapse

New York Time Lapse

Dubai II Time Lapse

  • Type: Video
  • Location: Detroit

Dubaii II Time Lapse

Detroit Time Lapse

Detroit Time Lapse

Atlanta Time Lapse

Washington DC

Washington DC

Behind The Scenes



Standing still for 20 minutes in Times Square, NY time lapsing the time lapser!


I grew up in Nottingham in the UK and moved to London to go to University, followed by 7 years in Denmark working for Denmarks Radio TV (I am fluent in Danish).

I returned to the UK in the summer of 2000 to work for The BBC, followed by ITV and then spent 7 years working in over 35 countries for over 60 different broadcasters and post production companies as a workflow consultant for Avid.

I am completely self taught in the art of time lapse, it is my true passion.

I am currently based out of Doha, Qatar where I am working on a long term project for The Aljazeera Network.

Time-lapse is like magic
It’s incredible when you start to process the images!


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