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I am a time-lapse filmmaker based in the UK and in Doha, Qatar. My time-lapse films have been used in Hollywood feature films, in documentaries, to launch TV channels and for 4K projection projects.

I also work as a workflow consultant for the broadcast and post production arena, in the image above, I’m deep into configuring servers and technical workflows… technology and art, in my mind have a very close link.

In November 2014, Aljazeera English Channel and Aljazeera.com will air a one hour documentary I have made with them entitled ‘Metropolis – A Time-Lapse Perspective’, which I was lucky enough to have commissioned earlier this year. I shot over 120 time-lapse sequences for the documentary. The documentary looks at the rise and fall of the metropolis, shown through my eyes as a time-lapse filmmaker, and via interviews I did with Sir Terry Farrell, David Harvey, and Daniel Libeskind. I also talk with journalists who are actively involved in the debate, in Detroit, USA…

It was an unusual feeling being both behind and in front of the camera, however, my Producer, Damian Clarke and our cameraman, Ben Emery helped me along my way and were fantastic to work with.


My work
photography, time-lapse

I am represented by Getty Images Footage, and also have a stock of time-lapse work for direct licensing, and I am available for commissions. Please get in touch.

Time Lapse Videos

Time-lapse for me is not just a profession, it is a passion, a way of looking at the world.

I undertand, very well, codecs, wrappers, frame rate and raster dimensions, so whether you need ‘4K Cineform’ or ‘1920×1080 ProRes 444′ time-lapses I can help.

Time-lapse Films

Dubai III Time Lapse

Dubai III Time Lapse

Not any Colour Dubai time-lapse

Not any Colour Dubai time-lapse

New York Time Lapse

New York Time Lapse

Dubai II Time Lapse

  • Type: Video
  • Location: Detroit

Dubaii II Time Lapse

Detroit Time Lapse

Detroit Time Lapse

Atlanta Time Lapse

Washington DC

Washington DC



I grew up in Nottingham in the UK and moved to London to go to University, followed by 7 years in Denmark. I returned to the UK in the summer of 2000 and have spent my time since then working in over 25 countries for over 60 different broadcasters and post production companies. I am completely self taught in the art of time-lapse and really do learn something new about myself and new techniques each time I go out to shoot.

Every evening I take my camera out and shoot time-lapse… some of them are shown on this site.

My Biography

I am currently based out of Doha, Qatar where I am working on a long term project.

Time-lapse is like magic
It’s incredible when you start to process the images!

Every time I go out with my time-lapse equipment, I try to set myself a new challenge!

All of my work is available in 4K resolution or higher if required in any codec or wrapper – please get in touch for details.


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